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What will happen to your estate if you don’t make a Will?

People often talk about the benefits of making a Will, but do you know exactly who will benefit under the Intestacy Laws if you die without a Will. There are lots of myths out there, some we hear regularly are:

  • It will all go to my wife/husband
  • We are not officially married but we’ve been together so long we are “common law” husband/wife, so it will all go to the survivor of us.
  • My family can decide, they know what I want so will deal with it for me
  • My eldest child is my next of kin so they will inherit
  • My own and my partners children will share our estate equally.

The above are not all true and the only way to be sure what happens in your situation is to take professional advice on your own circumstances, When you have the details about who will benefit from your estate on your death you can decide if you wish to make a Will, based on what will actually happen if you don’t.

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