Atterbury Payne Solicitors

We make your will, your way and aim to make the process of creating or updating a will as easy as possible.

Atterbury Payne offers a complete Will Writing service, we are based in Melton Mowbray but also serve the surrounding areas.

Why make a Will?

Making a Will is the one simple way any person living in the United Kingdom can use their fundamental rights to pass on their property and wealth to whoever they wish upon their death.

It may be hard to believe, but not all countries allow their people this basic human right to decide who benefits after their death. Why then, when we are so proud of our democracy and freedom in the UK, do less than 40% of adults actually make a Will? 

When balanced against the cost, both financial and emotional, of not leaving an up to date Will and the effect that this can have on your estate and your loved ones, most people do agree that making a Will and relieving some of the stress for those left after your death is well worth doing and provides invaluable peace of mind.

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your estate if you don’t make a Will?

What happens when you make a Will with Atterbury Payne?

Book your free and no obligation consultation

We listen carefully and discuss your needs, your worries and your wishes so we can provide you with advice on how to best achieve your goals.

Receive written advice from us

Following your consultation you will receive written advice from us and when you have decided on how to proceed, we will draft your Will for your approval.

Signing your Will

This is a chance for us to meet again so that we can ensure that you fully understand the final document before you sign. We will provide the witnesses so as to keep your Will private.

Make use of our complimentary safe storage service

After your Will is signed, it is important to keep it safe so it can be found after your death. We offer a complimentary safe storage service , so you do not need to worry. If you decide to use our safe storage service we will provide you with a photocopy of the signed Will for your records and a letter confirming that we hold the original. We can supply additional copies of the letter for your executors if you wish but we recommend not sharing a copy of the Will during your lifetime to save any embarrassment if you change the beneficiaries at a later date.